Interview Dos & Don’ts

Be Gracious

No matter what is going on in your personal life or how harried you are before the interview, when you arrive, be the epitome of graciousness and cordiality. Upon introduction, shake your host’s hand, thank them for their time and consideration. Sit only when invited to do so. At some point in the interview, indicate that you would be flattered by acceptance to the school. All of these gestures indicate appreciation for the time, effort, and expense the school has incurred on your behalf. This small thoughtfulness costs you very little, but can have enormous rewards.


Both your words and body language communicate your character and preparedness. You don’t want to seem uncomfortable, unwilling to engage, or defensive in your interviews (one reason you are encouraged to practice with informational and mock interviews as much as possible). Be aware of your body language, but not self-conscious. Shake hands, make eye contact, and engage the person with whom you are speaking.

Listen carefully to the questions you are asked. Be responsive and answer fully. It is difficult to communicate with someone who answers a question with only a word or two. Pause a moment after you hear the question, answering to make certain you understand the question completely. Attempt to discern the information the interviewer thinks is important in your answer before responding.

Be Honest

Do not invent answers. If you cannot answer a question that requires information outside of your experience, simply apologize and reply that you do not know. Because your interviewers are professionals, it will be difficult to slip a direct falsehood by them without notice.

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