Mastering the Interview Process

When I began compiling the strategy guide for successful performance in medical school interviews, I recalled my very first interview as a teenager. Even then, the interview process intrigued me. It struck me as curious that someone believed they could assess my abilities in a 30-minute question and answer interview. I felt that I was so much more than 30-minutes, yet failure to effectively communicate my talents within that time frame would dictate the next step in my life. It became critical that I learn how to demystify the process and master interviews. I knew there had to be a key to perfecting the interview preparation process, and eventually teaching success in mastering the medical school interview. 

My curiosity about interview methodology turned into an avocation after exploring various approaches, then successfully coaching friends, associates and colleagues to better perform during their interviews. With an enormous amount of effort, the Medical School Interview Guide was created to help talented individuals reach the highest echelon of our education system. Learning the answers to medical school interview questions is not enough to prepare. 

If you want to learn how to impact the results and master the medical interview, consider this med school interview book. The information you will find in these pages offer a unique perspective that will add value to your interview experience.  If you take the time to follow the path in this guide, you will represent yourself as a stronger candidate through preparation for the medical school interview.

My hope is that you find our resources of high value, please share your experiences with me through our Contact Us page. Your feedback is one way we will make our guide better for future students. 


Matthew Brutsché 

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