Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Most people suffer from some form of performance anxiety, the panicky physiological response that prevents a competent person from demonstrating their skills successfully. In sports, this is often referred to as choking.

The primary sources of this anxiety can be varied: a fear of failure, a constructed sense of ineptitude, shame at being a “show-off” or “know-it-all&rdquo, an apprehension of judgment or reprisals from peers and strangers, or simply embarrassment at having one’s character exposed publicly. In some cases, coping with this stress requires professional assistance.

Ordinarily, however, there are fairly straight-forward techniques for overcoming the physical and psychological responses induced by public performance. Since presenting yourself as confident and competent are paramount during your medical school interview, conquering your anxiety will allow your true self to shine through. Review and put into practice these concepts for reducing stress:

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