Brainstorm Possibilities

At this stage, you are probably uncertain about the academic path you will pursue in medical school, but exploring the options available to you will give you an edge over other candidates. Most qualified applicants will have researched many different medical disciplines before applying to medical school and envisioned themselves in a variety professional roles. Having a clear picture of what your future in medicine offers and entails lends confidence to your interview. You will also be able to effectively evaluate the coursework available at the institution with which you are interviewing.

Even if you are fortunate enough to have already settled on a course of study, exploring alternatives provides you with the opportunity to distinguish the features of your particular preference from the myriad of other choices you could have made. Your understanding of the potential rewards and pitfalls professions or fields of study may entail.

Taking time to brainstorm possible academic and professional opportunities has an immediate payoff during your medical school interview. Your desire to pursue a particular specialty or profession can be validated by intensive research

The process of exploring all of the possibilities available to you will help solidify your image of yourself as a medical professional and that foundation will be evident to anyone with whom you speak.

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