Medical School Interview Guide: Interview Secrets and Untold Preparation Strategies

Included with our secret methodology: ● Over 90 practice interview questions ● Snapshot interview ● Informal mock interview ● Formal mock interview with scoring guide ● Types of interviews explained ● Over 100 pages of medical interview preparation

The Medical School Interview Guide offers proven tips and tricks, secret techniques and untold strategies for medical school interview preparation. We will not simply tell you how to dress professionally during medical school interviews, but equip you with the best methods formulated to effectively distinguish yourself from your competitors. Medical interview questions are designed to challenge the interviewee and will cause difficulty for a student who is not properly prepared. School interviews require a great deal of time and effort on the part of the med school, they intend to find the most qualified applicants and take the process seriously. Mock interviews, practice questions, and a unique interview preparation methodology will prepare any student to win the interview through our guided process.

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"Thank you! You changed my perspective on what the interview is all about." Evonne H. Raleigh, NC

● assessing your strengths and weaknesses

● understanding the interview process

● decreasing stress and anxiety

● identifying your resources for success

● establishing the next steps in your career path

● unique proven methodology All of these things and more included in this guide!

You will not find these insights or unique perspectives anywhere else. Don't let this opportunity to ensure your place among the elite medical students in the country pass you by. Another year of preparing might not get this opportunity back!

"THANKS! This was the best interview guide. I got the acceptance letter..."

Matt P. Austin, TX (Updated: Just complete 3rd year at UTMB)

Learn how to persuade the interviewer to like you, in language you understand, with proven sales techniques. If you think an interview is only about answering the questions asked, you are WRONG! Considering the significance of a successful med school interview, even if you were to only get one thing from this guide it would be worth the small investment. The guide is packed full of secret tricks, amazing techniques and interview strategies that have proven success.

The e-book is designed to be viewed and read on your computer or printed on your home or office printer using standard 8.5" x 11" paper. This e-book requires a PDF Reader and is delivered in .zip format. We are the creators and publishers of this product. We have gone through enormous effort to ensure proper quality. You will prepare more efficiently and effectively because of this guide. Don't miss the chance to nail the one interview that matters the most!

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