Mock Interviewing

You can learn in many ways: from books, lectures, and visual presentations. While these methods can be effective in acquiring knowledge about history or biology, in the “people business” there are no substitutes for direct interaction and firsthand experience.

Learning to interview confidently requires more practice than most of the personal interactions in which you will likely engage. The scrutiny you will face is intense. Coupled with the importance of the interview's outcome, you will find yourself under a great deal of pressure to perform, and, without rehearsal, most people find it impossible to present themselves to best effect. Moderated rehearsals in the form of mock interviewing are the best practice method for desensitization to those pressures.

Mock interviews are relatively formal sessions where you will attempt to answer questions similar to those you will face during your medical school interviews. Your 'mock interviewer' can give you invaluable feedback about areas where you can improve your delivery, can point out idiosyncrasies in your speech or mannerisms which you may wish to eliminate, and can help you hone your answers to concise, informative responses.

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